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BelleBlogs is an invitation-only Ringsurf webring community designed to join women's weblogs of extraordinary quality design, content, and style.

Note: BelleBlogs is not currently accepting new applications.

BelleBlogs are like gardens. Regardless of what's growing within ithem (vegetables, flowers, cactus, trees, vines, etc.), they are properly tended, obviously cared for, well-watered, weeded, and clearly loved. We're not necessarily looking for the blog equivalent of The Royal Botanical Gardens. We're looking for nice, neat, interesting, well-crafted personal gardens weblogs.


  • Are properly coded
  • Are written and maintained by women
  • Have stylish, uncluttered design and clear, unambiguous navigation
  • Give credit where credit is due, respect international copyright law, observe good netiquette and respect the rights of artists
  • Are frequently updated with quality content (hint: interesting and well-written content is a big, big plus)
  • Do not have blatant banner advertising or pop-ups or pop-unders (link-based advertising is usually acceptable, if it's worked into the design tastefully)
  • Display the BelleBlogs code on their actual blog page (so that visitors can easily travel through the ring)
  • Work in all current (6.x and above) browsers, and that includes Firefox and Opera
  • Use Java, JavaScript, Flash, or other "cutting edge" technology sensibly and appropriately, if at all
  • May contain mature subject material, but are never pornographic (verbally or visually)

Just FYI, the two most common reason that submitted blogs are not invited to join is because they display improperly in Firefox.

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This ring was founded in October 2002 and is hosted on