blogs by women webring

blog: apparently a short form of "web log" (according to Jargon Scout)

"Definitions are boundaries, and boundaries are anathema to Webloggers. Moreover, the best Weblogs are always shifting and evolving, always on their way to being something else."   - Julia Keller of the Chicago Tribune

This ring (which is the original blogs by women ring founded in 2000) will not be accepting new members, due to changes at Ringsurf which make maintaining such a large ring difficult (to say the least).

HOWEVER, as of April 2004, I have started and am maintaining a new ring for women bloggers through, which has an automated system and which makes maintaining a large ring much, much simpler!

If you'd like to join the new ring, visit the womenbloggers site and go from there.

Members of the original blogs by women ring are welcome to join the new ring, as well, if they wish.

If you are a member of the original blogs by women ring and your site in the ring has been accidentally removed (i.e., it has the code in place but appears to no longer be in the ring), please accept my genuine apologies (sorry! honest!), please remember I'm only human and I sometimes do make mistakes, and please let me know and I'll get you a new code and back in the ring as soon as possible.