Elizabeths - A webring for people named Elizabeth

This is the home of A Ring of Elizabeths, a webring for people named Elizabeth (or a variation thereof).

The guidelines are pretty simple:

  1. You must be a member of Webring.org. Don't worry, it's free to sign up, just click this link

  2. You must have Elizabeth as one of your names (middle, first, even last name if it applies). Spelling variations of Elizabeth (Elisabeth, Elizabyth, Elisabethe, whatever) are fine. And as pleased as I am to note that Elizabeth has given rise to dozens of derivative names, I'm afraid that Lisas, Beths, Elises, Elspeths, Betsys, Bettys, Besses, and other such "stand alone" variations will have to be excluded. Sorry about that.

  3. Secondly, you have to put the ring code on your website and make sure it works. WebRing (where this ring is hosted) has facilities to help you make sure everything is in order, and it's your responsibility to fix the code if it doesn't work. The system is automated and checks for the code, and if it can't find it or it's incorrect, it boots you out of the ring (nearly immediately) or deletes you from the "waiting to join" queue after a certain length of time.

  4. Your site can be almost anything, but it should be personal (a business site would be okay if it's solely owned and there's an "about me" or similar on the site). Your site should be no more racy than an "R" rating, and "PG-13" is preferable. No "under construction" sites or sites without meaningful content, please!

  5. Your site may not have anything X-rated (artistic nudity is fine, but only if there are sufficient notices for parental guidance; if you have any questions, feel free to ask), can't actively promote hate, violence, or cruelty to animals, or clearly promote or link to material such as illegal software downloads.

    That being said, I've been running webrings since 1997, and I've seen literally tens of thousands of websites of all kinds, and I've only rarely seen any that I would refuse on the basis of content (I normally only reject sites if they fail to meet the criteria for the ring, i.e., if your name isn't Elizabeth you wouldn't qualify, or if they don't have a working ring code in place). Rejected sites may reapply when/if they meet the guidelines. I don't hold grudges.

That's about it! I can be reached via the Elizabeths Ring Hub at WebRing if you have any questions.

I'm an Elizabeth and I want to

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