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What's a webring?

A webring is a collection of web pages with related content, organized into a virtual ring. Each page in a ring has special links which let visitors move to an adjacent site on the ring, summon a ring index, or hop to a random site. Webrings let web visitors quickly and reliably find sites with related subjects.

This webring has been on the net since 1999, and it exists to bring together websites which seek to explore and celebrate the essential teaching of all the great religions - awareness of who we really are, our deepest spiritual identity. This includes Advaita / non-duality sites, sites relating to the mystical heart of the great religions, and spiritual teachers teaching this most essential and perennial of philosophies.

How do I join?

  • You must have a website, viewable by the general pubic, which fits with the topic of this webring.

  • You must be able to edit your site in order to add the required ring code (which will be provided).

  • Your site may not have broken internal links, missing images, "under construction" signs, or other signs of an unfinished or extremely poorly designed website (note that I'm not expecting masterpieces of design, just decent, finished sites which work).

  • No links or content of a prurient adult nature (you know what I mean).

  • You may put the ring code on a webrings page, but only if it is clearly marked "webrings" or "rings" (not "links" or "other sites" or anything else), and there is a clear, unabiguous, and obvious link to your site's content. Site visitors should not need to go to more than two pages to find the ring fragment (two pages, not two links). In other words, please do not "bury" the ring fragment somewhere in your site so that people following the ring have to hunt for it.

  • You should put the ring code on your page as soon as you reasonably can. Sites left in the queue more than about a week without adding the required code will be deleted from the queue.

Your site may be removed from the ring if:

  • You are asked to make a necessary change to the ring code and you fail to do so after a reasonable amount of time and/or repeated mail messages from me

  • Your email bounces (I am a system administrator, and I can usually tell if it's a permanent error or just a fluke)

  • Your site moves and/or you remove the ring code

  • Your site changes in such a way that it violates the requirements for the ring

This webring runs through Webring.org. In order to join this ring, you must be a member of Webring.org, but don't worry, it's free to sign up, just click this link (opens in a new window; you can sign up and then come back to this page for further instructions).

If you're already a member of Webring.org, you can join Spirit right now!

Or, if you're just a visitor, feel free to view and visit the sites in the Spirit webring.


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