Characteristics of the coffee plant and care

This evergreen shrub is ideal for growing in pots. One of the most popular plants is the Coffea arabica or Cafeto, that can be grown indoors and can reach a height of 4.5 m in the wild, although in a container rarely exceed 1.5 m.

The Coffea arabica is the coffee plant native to the lower slopes of the mountains of Angola and Ethiopia, where it grows up to 4.5 m tall. It was sweet and stems and thin branches, with, glossy, ornamental leaves dark green and oval-shaped, about 15 cm long, with ruffled edges. In mid-summer and fragrant white star-shaped flowers, which bloom in clusters at the junctions of the leaves emerge.

Sometimes when the flowers die, although this rarely happens at home, bright red buds emerge. Each contains two seeds are coffee beans.

Care of the coffee plant all year round

Change coffee pot plant when finished spring using a good compost. Evita transplants it to a larger pot, choose one of about 2 cm in diameter. You can also cut the plant so that it recovers its old form if it has grown too much, and its foliage is challenging to handle.

Give him your copy a good light; but not direct sun, since their leaves may wither; the filtered sunlight is adequate; Also, you should not place the plant in a shady place because the foliage may lose color and end up dying.

Irrigates the coffee plant regularly and freely, but do not let that remain flooded. Sprinkle once or twice a week in summer so that their leaves in clean and keep healthy. Abona the plant according to their size: in summer, every time you water, add some fertilizer to the water drops. A mature plant in its final pot may receive a stronger solution once a week during the summer period.

Keep your plant at a temperature of 8 ° C in autumn and winter and water it less frequently, only enough to keep the compost moist. Please make sure the coffee plant receives fresh air, but remember it away from drafts.

The spread of the coffee plant

In winter-spring sowing the seeds of coffee at a depth of 13 mm or special seed compost. Keep them at a temperature of 30 ° C in dim light; Make sure the compost is consistently moist air also is it until the seeds germinate.

When the seedlings appear, you have to transplant them to a place where it filtered light and lower the temperature and humidity. Cultivated seedlings individually in pots of 7 cm diameter. When summer begins, take cuttings of the most vigorous shoots 10-15 cm long and with only a couple of leaves with one end germinating.

Insert the cuttings in peat compost and sand in equal parts and keep them at a temperature of 18 ° C, always wet. If you provide these conditions, you’ll see in a few weeks take root when they have taken root, trasplántalos to pots of 10 cm diameter.

The coffee plant is not without parasitic causes such as mealybugs, so you have to take a look every so often.