Google Classroom
Google Classroom

Google Classroom Review

Google Classroom is a free educational app by Google that allows you to teach and learn anything with only a stable Internet connection needed. The app makes it possible for teachers and students to connect distantly with ease.

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Google Classroom

Design and Usability 5/10

Google Classroom follows the overall style of other Google products. The interface is rather simple and accessible, and all of the features can be reached with just a couple of taps. Teachers can invite students to their classes easily – you can add them directly or by sharing a special code. All in all, it takes only a couple of minutes to gather everyone and start a lesson. Google Classroom features a variety of graphs and drawing tools that are very useful. However, the app has so many bugs and other minor problems it becomes annoying – your notification log disappears, the app suddenly freezes, and so on.

Key Functions 9/10

Google Classroom has many impressive features, and some of them can even be considered unique for the entire educational apps niche. The app lets teachers connect with students to educate them distantly, and there are a lot of small things that make that connection as easy and efficient as possible. The app’s features include an assignment system that allows you to create, edit, distribute and mark them in just a couple of minutes, a drawing toolbox for creating graphs and other figures in real time, an option to add answers to questions right on the stream, and so on. Google Classroom is so varying and powerful that it’s truly impressive, and if you need a free tool to host distant lessons, it’s one of those apps you should definitely check out first.

Security 8/10

Google seems to care about its products’ security a lot, and Google Classroom is not an exception. The app is very secure yet easy to access – all you need is your Google account to register and log in. And it does not have any ads despite being completely free. You should be aware that Google gathers much of your information but it claims not to use it for any advertising purposes, so we consider that a fair price to pay for an app this useful.

Free Education

Google Classroom is unique in a way that it provides you with all kinds of instruments to organize free and accessible lessons on just about every topic imaginable, and it doesn’t even feature ads. So if you are ready to face some minor bugs, Google Classroom is a nearly perfect app for you.

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