Houseparty Review

Houseparty is a video-based social media app that allows you to keep in touch with your friends.

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Open the app, and all of your friends will be able to join you instantly!

Design and Usability 9/10

Houseparty definitely aims to keep things simple. The most important interface elements are so modest that you may notice them only after a while, and that’s actually great. We’ve grown really tired by apps that fill your screen with all kinds of visual litter. Houseparty actually allows you to see people you are speaking to, and we’re not talking about small windows with blurred faces – what you get are huge and clear windows that make Houseparty look like a specialized videoconferencing app. And if you need to open a game, send a funny sticker, or turn off your mic, you can still do that with just a tap.

Key Functions 8/10

Houseparty claims to be a social media app, but it’s not quite true. Don’t expect to find more traditional features like your personal feed or group chats here. Houseparty is not about that – instead, you can use it to hang out with your friends in a sense that feels almost as real and fun as actually meeting in person or even better. While the app features powerful videoconferencing options, there’s no way you can start a conversation with just one friend or even reject an incoming call – once you run the app, your friends get a notification, and they can jump right into a video call with you. While such approach has its flaws that are actually quite obvious, it makes Houseparty a perfect app for those who like to hang out with a chosen circle of friends without having to call them every time. However, just talking face to face is not the only main feature of Houseparty: you can use built-in tools to play UNO and other games right in a conversation, and there are all kinds of funny filters and stickers you can use.

Security 7/10

We don’t know about any notable security breaches associated with Houseparty – actually, there’s just almost no data you can lose. The app is mostly about having face to face conversations, so you can see every member of your video call easily. Of course, unwanted friends can join a video call with you at a really awkward time, but that’s the price you have to pay – or be sure not to run Houseparty unless you are ready to show and tell.

Hanging Out Online

Houseparty is great for meeting your best friends online – you don’t have to call them, just jump into a conversation and have fun. Just be aware that it’s a little buggy and takes some time to get used to.


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