Everything you need to know to create a vertical garden at home

As well you said earlier you can create urban vertical gardens at any place free from your house without land, but they must meet a series of conditions to ensure excellent production of edible vegetable:

  • For plants to develop correctly, the place must be exposed to sunlight for at least two hours.
  • If you’re going to create a vertical garden on the terrace or balcony, you have to protect it from the winds.
  • Place the urban garden near a source of drinking water to ensure a safe, constant watering.
  • All containers you use must have good drainage to avoid ponding of water, either from irrigation or rain.
  • Lava reused materials and clean them very thoroughly, so there are no remnants of toxic substances.

Vertical garden with pallets

All objects that are usually discarded when still in conditions, the stretchers are the most useful, because with them can create a beautiful vertical garden. If you have the option to choose, choose a pallet that is in good condition and not protruding nails or splinters.

Once you have the pallet, líjalo, and barnízalo, procures a waterproof fabric and covers the part that will be on the side of the wall. Place a few layers to be resistant and covers the bottom of the pallet.

Choose the plants you want and make various combinations. You can even build a vertical garden with parsley, lettuce, and other aromatic plants. Once you have planted, watered, and let the plants settle with the pallet on the floor for a couple of weeks. Then you picked him up and placed a vertical garden with pallets where you want.

Vertical garden with bottles

It is not required to create a vertical garden with containers. Vertical gardens are increasingly used by those who have reduced their home spaces. To have a vertical garden is vital to have an availability of sunlight for two to six hours.

Please take a couple of plastic bottles, and the bottom cut them. Make two holes in the sides of the neck of the bottle and filled with ecological humus, located on the site, you have chosen for your Vertical garden with containers. Cut off the bottom now another cup and fill it with potting soil. Take off the cover and insert the bottle into the other.

Both fixed-wired posts. Continue to do with the second cylinder to have a total of five bottles. Six bottles now, you must cut about 20cm beak and locate capless within the above. The next bottle Cut off the bottom and make a hole in the center of the lid. Ensámblala in the high and pour water.

Make a small window in each bottle using a scalpel and planting plants that require little care such as cilantro, basil, rosemary, parsley, etc., or seedlings.

As you can see, having a vertical garden at home is quite easy and can even be used to improve the appearance of a wall, especially if you add ornamental plants or herbs.