How to plant calcots?

This culture is traditional in Tarragona and Catalonia. Calçots are outbreaks bulb onion this variety, whose white stems can measure about 20 cm. They are also tender and delicious.

The term comes from a Catalan calçots term “Tracing the earth,” which gives us a clue as to how it performs its cultivation. Calcot’s shimming obtained land on Onion, i.e., adding the area to the basis for Lerida late Onion “stretches” or “overtime” in search of light. This process must be performed two or three times throughout its cultivation to achieve long whites of about 15 to 25 cm.

Season onions

Calçots season is usually from November to mid-April in traditional farming areas, while in areas with different climates, it is possible to advance or delay the season. This often reaches its moment of most significant interest from the calcotada Festival, which is celebrated in the city and municipality Valls, Tarragona, belonging to the last Sunday of January.

Cultivation of onions

Calcot’s are two-cycle plants, which seeds are obtainable in late June or early July, which after drying left planted in December. The campus is obtained in February when that should be transplanted to achieve onions. You can also get this variety of Onion Lerida late into June.

By mid-August, the onions are planted to trace and get calcites, which will appear in November. After the season, we must let the stems glean until the umbel appears with seeds, thus closing the two – year cycle.

How calcites consumed?

If you’re going to prepare traditional calcçotada, there is no need to do anything. However, if you are cooking in a wok, frying pan or the oven, you have to clean them. However, it would help if you never cut their final knot, only the roots. When you have roasted the Sarmiento’s also in vivid flame, you must peel them by a slight pressure on the tip and stretching the central leaves.

In this way, the whole will calçot and clean. Once you’ve peeled, Rub it in Salvichada or romesco sauce and eat.

onion white late Lleida – Calcot’s

This variety of Lerida new Onion has a lovely taste. The bulbs have an inverted conical shape and are sized; its exterior color is gold, while the inner white-yellow.

It should be planted from October to March in seedbeds or directly to the place of planting seats. If done in the nursery should be considered 10g per square meter and transplant when plants are the size of 40 x 10m. However, if the final location is made, the dosage to be used will be 6.8 kg/ha.

The collection period bulbs must be from July to August. Then they transplanted into fertile soil with good drainage, (August-October) r pare collector calçots from December to March zones and times according to transplant.

Planting onions Paso a Paso

If you have doubts even about how to plant spring onions, here I leave a better-detailed step by step:

  • the seeds of onion Lerida late winter seedlings are planted.
  • Come spring, the plant will be grown up enough to transplant it to the final location of the crop.
  • When summer arrives, collect the bulbs; top cut them and store them in a dry place until the fall.
  • Plant the bulbs in autumn, leaving the top exposed outdoors and wait for outbreaks to occur. Once these disputes land, apórcalos with soil as they grow to achieve calçots.
  • When spring comes, the calçots are ready to be harvested and consumed.

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