Knows the characteristics and care of violets

On the other hand, its fragrant and small flowers have five petals and a stinger and can be found in a variety of colors. Read on to learn violet care and much more.

How to care for violets?

Violets plant in spring or autumn, according to the species. If you grow as annuals, you need to plant new plants in the months of March or April, if you want to flourish in summer; If you’re going to bloom in spring, you should treat them as biennials and plant them in the autumn time. A perennial species have to transplant annually in the spring.

Make use of good compost or build your combination with one part coarse sand, one of mulch and two marl; also incorporates a little fertilizer. If plants violets in groups, you will have to place them about 10 cm apart. To achieve quick and effective results, five or six plant violet or thoughts in a container of 38 cm in diameter.

Your plants will mature both in full sun and in a place partially shaded. Water them regularly so that the compost is kept moist, especially during the hottest days of the year, but prevents the land is flooded; It is best done at dawn or dusk.

During the flowering season, you ‘ll have to add some mild liquid fertilizer to the water every 15 days. Starts wilted flowers regularly to keep a succession of flowers. Properly following this section on how to care for violets, you can achieve the second wave of flowers from late summer to autumn.

In autumn and winter, if you want violets bloom, you should treat them as biennials; plant them in the fall to bloom another year. Perennial must also be planted or transplanted at this time. Annual can be started as soon as finished flowering. If you want to keep the plants from one year to the other, it is advisable to cover them with a layer of mulch decaying, as you have finished flowering and the leaves and wilted flowers have started. Continues watering sparingly and make sure the compost is moist but without agarose.

If the leaves become dirty, clean them with a cloth avoided, as they could easily be damaged. It is best to pulverize them with warm water.

Curiosities and violets meaning

In Anglo – Saxon countries violets he is known as Pansy, name derived from Pensées, which means thinking in French. The ancient Anglo – Saxons used to attribute to these flowers for bone healing properties and also an aphrodisiac. Therefore, it is one of the essential components of the potion of a famous work of Shakespeare: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

As for the meaning, it represents this beautiful flower nostalgia. We mean, when we miss someone, the right way to do this is regaling violets.

It also symbolizes the union, and perhaps that is why they are suitable to remember those who have died. Often they are placed on commemorative plaques and slabs to honor the dead.