Micro Platformer
Micro Platformer

Micro Platformer Review

A minimalistic platformer with a 1x1 tileset. No enemies, no bullets, no lasers, no audio. Just sheer platforming.Micro Platformer is a seriously minimalistic 2D platformer.

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Micro Platformer Review

A 1x1 tileset and a small square is not just a part of the artwork, it's a way to tell you exactly what the hitboxes are. Why? Well, there are quite a few difficulity levels. Some of them are not easy. At all. I wanted this game to be the simplest platformer I could possibly make, without making it empty, or easy. Did I do a good job? Well, one way to find out! c: Oh yeah, the classic feature listing. Here:


  • Different difficulity levels - play whatever fits your skill and patience best!
  • Best time measurement - how fast can you beat a level?
  • Respawn count - inb4 500 respawns on hard
  • Fps limiter - wowzies, that surely is a rare thing these days! (bruh)
  • Controller support - couch gaming! bed gaming!

Have fun! :D

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