The most common pests of roses

Despite excellent care, you need not spend much money on your rosebush remain in good condition and free from invaders.

Eight plagues of roses you need to know

  • Aphid: is one of the most common insects that attack roses and many other plants, damaging the buds and causing leaf curl. Another symptom is molasses, sooty mold, and the presence of ants.
  • Red spider mite or red: it can be distinguished checking the back of the leaves of the rosebush; If greyish or brownish-yellow spots and fine cobweb threads appear, you are in the presence of this pest.
  • Whiteflies: it is one of the plagues of the most natural roses to fight, especially when they are adults. They present with yellow spots, discolorations, and wilts on the undersides of the leaves. If you shake the foliage, you will see hovering several whiteflies. These excrete honeydew as do aphids.
  • Snails: usually devour the leaves of roses and appear in abundance after a rain.
  • Cochineal: If you notice sticky leaves, then your rosebush has been attacked by mealybugs.
  • Caterpillars rosebush: This insect lays its eggs on the leaves of the rosebush, and when to hatch, the larvae leave they eat to survive.
  • Green mosquito: small insects are yellow or greenish, inhabiting the undersides of leaves, fixing its peak, and absorbing their sap.
  • White Worm: is one of the most dangerous pests that attack roots rosebushes to death.

How to prevent pests?

There are some ways to avoid pests and diseases, and PlanetaGarden wants to share them with you. The first is always water the plant roots, not the leaves, because if they remained wet, probably end up developing mold and pests that make your rosebush sick and weak.

Moreover, it is advisable to plant the rosebush courtyard in a place where it can receive at least five hours of sunlight every day to grow much healthier and stronger and resistant to pests. Another fact not less critical is that not plant your rose bush near a tree with large roots.

In case you did not know, marigolds usually keep pests away, so we recommend planting roses near.

Remedy against pests rosebush

In addition to this effective in controlling pests of roses remedy, you can make chamomile tea and let it cool before spraying the leaves or prepare a mixture of crushed garlic and boiling water. Just do not overdo it with garlic, because it can burn the leaves of the rosebush.

Remember that in addition to pests, powdery mildew is one of the most common diseases in the roses, which appears as a white powder on the leaves. This fungus invades the rosebush not only quickly, but also makes the buds do not open, the leaves fall, and the plant will suffer irreversible damage. If the disease does not stop, the rosebush can die.