What are rooting hormones and how are they used?

When Are the Rooting hormones used?

Rooting hormones cause the stems of plants to spend much more energy in originating new roots, which are the most significant part of the plant. Through their root systems can absorb water and nutrients found in it, providing them sufficient to grow and develop natural energy.

These are advised when you have cuttings you want to take root but are also useful when plants are sick or when they have suffered overwatering. The enraizantes hormones can help in recovery.

How are rooting hormones are used?

If you have a branch rootless, the first thing you have to do is remove the crust that is closer to the trunk or main branch 2 to 4 cm up starting from the end and then moistens with water. Now impregnates the end rooting hormone powder.

Thus, when you plant the branch in a pot filled with suitable drainage substrate such as black peat mixed with perlite in equal parts, you can begin to take root. If your plant is sick, best uses a liquid hormone, since these act much faster hormones powder manner. Pour some rooting hormones on the substrate surface and water.

How to make rooting hormone at home?

As well discussed initially, the rooting hormones are plant hormones that are used for the cuttings develop roots quickly. Although enraizantes hormones can be purchased at any nursery or garden shop, you also have the option to make your own homemade, which will get you out of trouble. Read on to learn how to rooting hormones in an economical manner and with ingredients natural to acquire.

Recipe rooting hormone salicylic acid

This recipe rooting hormone is prepared with salicylic acid, which is obtained from an ornamental tree easily find called willow. Prepare five tender twigs of willow and a liter of water.

If you go to prepare a hot infusion, you should cut the willow branches into pieces of a few centimeters and place them in a container that tolerates heat. Heat a liter of water until boiling and pour over broken branches. Let stand for 24 hours.

For cold infusion, you have to cut the willow branches into pieces and place them in a container. Cover with water at room temperature and allowed to stand for a week.

In both cases, when the recommended time has elapsed, you need to strain and store the liquid in a plastic or glass dark bottle. Lid put a label indicating the date of preparation, and keep the bottle in the refrigerator.

This prepared homemade rooting hormone can be used, leaving the cuttings immersed in it overnight or planting cuttings directly into the ground and using the infusion to water the cuttings for two days. Salicylic acid will cause the cuttings to do not rot, and roots to develop quickly. This preparation can be used for two months.