What is coir?

As we said earlier, coconut fiber is a substrate obtained from waste coconut generated and is widely used by professionals and amateur gardeners and organic garden, as its extraction does not cause any environmental impact. It is lightweight and environmentally friendly, and can coconut produce many fruits, that is from where this substrate.

For a long time, coconut fiber was used to make brushes, filters for pipes, filling car seats, ropes, stuffed mattresses, and other products. However, is what it is coir? What are their characteristics? How to use it? Here’s what we say.

What are the characteristics of coir?

It is perfect for nurseries, terrariums, horticultural plants, palm trees, and all kinds of plants, except carnivorous. This substrate is from the fruit of Cocos nucifera and features coir are:

It has a pH between 5.5 and 6.2, so it is suitable for any crop. It also can retain nutrients and release them progressively, and avoid disadvantages caused by overpaid. Moreover, the fibers act as if it were a sponge, so it keeps water, so you do not have to worry about continually watering.

Coconut fiber improves root development and maintains the proper balance between the aeration capacity and water retention, avoiding any problems caused by excessive moisture. On the other hand, it enhances soil fertility and structure, as well as increasing the photosynthetic chlorophyll function.

It is also rich in nutrients assimilable by plants and has a high proportion of vitamins A and C and trace elements such as vanadium and molybdenum, which promotes the activity of nitrogen-fixing bacteria. It also includes manganese, nickel, copper, sodium, titanium, and lead.

This substrate can occur in three types of grain: fine, coarse, and chip (with more substantial pieces). Gardening is often used fine.

How to use coconut fiber?

This substrate is ideal if you want to have a perfect plant. However, it is essential to know that it can not be used alone since it does not have all the nutrients. For this reason, it is vital to mix with organic fertilizers like vermicompost. The ideal mixture is 60% of the coconut fiber substrate and a 40% organic fertilizer.

Where can I buy coconut fiber?

You can buy coconut fiber at any garden center or specialized in this type of substrates. You can also purchase it in an online store where you can find in different formats, either, be encouraged to prepare yourself at home.

However, surely, you use the resources you have on hand. You can not deny that some products such as coconut fiber deserve to be bought, because it reduces spending on other resources such as fungicides, water, and so on.