Chasing Shadows: Top 5 "Nioh 2: The Complete Edition" Alternative Games

"Nioh 2: The Complete Edition" is a highly-acclaimed game that weaves a rich tapestry of Japanese mythology and history with exciting, complex combat. While its uniqueness sets a high bar, there are other games out there that evoke similar flavors of narrative, gameplay, and world building. Here's a list of the top five games which can serve as alternatives to "Nioh 2: The Complete Edition."

1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice game

FromSoftware, the creators of "Dark Souls" and "Bloodborne," carry the player to the end of the Sengoku era in Japan in "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice." Brutal combat and an evocative world make this game a solid alternative to "Nioh 2."

Gameplay, Story, and Setting

In "Sekiro," you are a disgraced warrior with a unique prosthetic arm, out to rescue your kidnapped lord and restore your honor. The game emphasizes a more direct approach to combat than Nioh with its posture mechanism. Breaking an enemy’s posture allows you to perform a Killing Blow, ensuring combat remains fast-paced. The game's world is steeped in Japanese folklore, full of death and spiritual elements. The narrative, while not as direct as in "Nioh 2," provides enough gaps for players to fill with their conjectures and interpretations.

2. Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima game

"Ghost Of Tsushima" is a journey back to 13th century Japan, a time of warring states and rising samurai. With lush landscapes, fluid swordplay, and a captivating story, it is a worthy alternative to "Nioh 2."

Gameplay, Story, and Setting

You will play as Jin Sakai, a samurai who, after suffering a drastic loss, dedicates himself to defending Tsushima Island from the Mongols. The game offers a realistic glimpse into samurai history, with an engaging tale of honor, survival, and sacrifice. The gameplay leans towards a less supernatural but organic samurai combat experience. Whether stealthily attacking enemies or challenging them to stand-offs, the gameplay shines with its variety.

3. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III game

From the creators of "Sekiro," "Dark Souls III" continues the series' legacy as a challenging and immersive action RPG. This game's cryptic lore and punishing combat mechanics serve an equally tantalizing alternative to "Nioh 2."

Gameplay, Story, and Setting

In "Dark Souls III," you’ll traverse through a dying world rich in lore and secrets, battling nightmarish creatures. The story isn't directly narrated but embeds itself organically through item descriptions, dialogues, and environmental cues. The gameplay offers numerous strategies and playstyles due to a wide array of weapons, spells, and character builds. The aggressive enemies and meticulously designed bosses will provide a challenging escapade.

4. Bloodborne

Bloodborne game

"Bloodborne" trades the medieval fantasy of "Dark Souls" for a gloomy Victorian-era cityscape crawling with horrors. If you are searching for an alternative to "Nioh 2" that is bloodier and with more nightmare fuel, "Bloodborne" is your ideal choice.

Gameplay, Story, and Setting

The city of Yharnam, while plagued by a mysterious illness, is steeped in a narrative heavily influenced by H.P. Lovecraft's cosmic horror. The engrossing story unfolds through subtle hints dropped throughout the game, rather than explicit cutscenes. "Bloodborne" encourages offensive tactics and agile movements in combat instead of a cautious approach. The fast-paced, visceral combat scenarios bring intense heart-pounding experiences.

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt," while deviating from the oriental representation of "Nioh 2," delivers an expansive and richly detailed world, dense with mythology, mystery, and action.

Gameplay, Story, and Setting

Geralt of Rivia’s journey through the Northern Kingdoms is an epic tale of war, love, and loss. The world is brimming with side stories and lore to get lost in, rivaling the depth of "Nioh 2." In terms of gameplay, the combat is approachable, with RPG elements smoothly blended with the action. A dynamic weather system, enchanting soundtrack, and compelling story make "Witcher 3" a must-play for any fan of "Nioh 2."

Whether you are a fan of intricate combat, immersive storytelling, or rich world-building, these five games provide distinct experiences, while delivering on the same quality and thrill as "Nioh 2: The Complete Edition." So, spin those discs or warm up the gaming PC, because these games are sure to immerse you in their unique worlds.

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