Fitbit Review

Fitbit is a free mobile app for monitoring fitness and sleep indicators. You can synchronize with Fitbit fitness trackers, smart scales, sleep sensors, and fitness bracelets from other manufacturers (with Bluetooth function).

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The application is designed for iOS and Android devices. 

Design and Usability 7 / 10

Users appreciate the web design of the Fitbit mobile application. The developers did not stick to a single color scheme and used bright colors to decorate different sections of the menu. It makes the perception of information more complex. Otherwise, it is difficult to highlight any shortcomings. Well, readable fonts and large text improve the perception of information on menu screens.

Due to a large number of features and all kinds of menu sections, it can be difficult to understand usability in the first minutes. But after a while, all menu buttons and sections are memorized, and it is very convenient to manage the application. 

Key Functions 8 / 10

Features of the Fitbit application:

  • Heart rate monitoring via synchronized fitness trackers;

  • Daytime activity monitoring (number of steps taken and distance);

  • Monitoring calorie consumption during the day;

  • Sleep Tracking (determine phases, duration, and quality of sleep);

  • Creation of an individual training mode;

  • Sharing useful information about sporting achievements with friends.

Any fitness tracker or smart scale requires a mobile app for performance monitoring and management. Fitbit is a universal program to which more than 200 models of fitness devices can be connected. Feedback from users confirms that synchronization with different fitness trackers and scales from different manufacturers is a success. 

Security 9 / 10

No user has left a complaint about Fitbit security since this mobile app was released. It means that the system is very well protected against hacking, and third parties will never get access to information from the app. You will need to register when you first start the program. Further authorization does not take much time. 


Without the Fitbit mobile app, it would have been difficult to track sports activity, weight, and sleep quality. Of course, there are other developers' programs for that. But only Fitbit supports synchronization with over 200 models of fitness devices. You don't have to pay to use all the features of the app for an unlimited time. Simply download it from the App Store or Play Market. 

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