Minecraft Review

Minecraft Review

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amily:arial; font-size:11pt">Minecraft is an extremely popular adventure game that combines survival and creative elements to help you unleash your creative potential – alone or with friends.


Graphics and Sound 6/10

The visual style of Minecraft worlds is considered iconic despite being not that good-looking in a more traditional sense. Almost every object in the game is made of crude blocks covered with rough textures representing various materials. That makes the game look simple and schematic, but after some time in Minecraft you can’t help but admit that this style has its own charm. The soundtrack is also charming – it features a variety of ambient tracks that suit the atmosphere of the game perfectly.


Controls 8/10

While the controls are quite intuitive, they could really be more convenient. Mobile versions are visibly less comfortable than the PC version since placing blocks is slower – you have to find a place for your block first, and you still can misplace it. However, most of the tasks can be performed easily, and when it comes to fighting off various monsters, mobile controls are quite okay.


Gameplay 10/10

Basically, the gameplay of Minecraft revolves around exploring virtual worlds that get generated by the game automatically. These worlds consist of mountains and valleys, oceans and dark caves deep below the ground, and so on – with almost everything being made of destructible blocks you can gather to use for other purposes later. You can craft weapons and items from them – or build complex structures like huge castles, entire cities or primitive computers. Moreover, the game has Creative mode that makes it easier to focus on building and inventing things instead of exploring and surviving. All in all, the game is extremely engaging and fun while being simple and almost endless.


Lasting Appeal 10/10

Minecraft features this world-generating algorithm that allows you to create huge and unique maps in a matter of seconds, and that’s enough for this game to be immensely replayable. But you also get a huge variety of creative tools that make sure you’re limited only by your imagination. That means Minecraft has a lasting appeal that’s measured in hundred of hours in-game – or thousands even.


Endless Worlds

Minecraft features endless possibilities for exploring, creating, inventing and having fun with friends – all while being intuitive and approachable. A definite must-play for just about every gamer out there.


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