ZOOM Cloud Meetings Review

ZOOM is a powerful videoconferencing app that features clear video calls that support up to a hundred participants simultaneously with advanced screen sharing and collaborating options.

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ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Design and Usability 8/10

The overall design of ZOOM is quite typical for modern videoconferencing apps, and it may feel bland at times. The main screen shows all of your contacts, but you’re not limited to them: it’s possible to add people by their phone numbers, email addresses, or just by company contacts – after all, ZOOM has all of its features tailored to be exceptionally useful for business purposes. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for conversations with friends or an occasional call to a relative. The interface of a call isn’t that original but it’s useful, and you have a lot of additional options available with a tap, including very convenient built-in graphs.

Key Functions 8/10

ZOOM is a videoconferencing app, and its video calls are really great. Video and audio quality is great, and your picture stays clear even if your Internet connection is not that stable. You can choose to share your screen freely, and there’s always an option to kick unwanted participants, mute your mic, or stop a video call altogether. Moreover, the app features a rather advanced toolset for creating presentations on the go, including complex graphs and tables that can be created and customized with a couple of taps. It makes ZOOM a really all-in-one app when it comes to sharing any kind of personal or business data, so  be sure to check it out if you need a reliable app for work. Just keep in mind that the app is quite buggy, and sometimes you can get kicked out of an important meeting without any apparent reason.

Security 5/10

Sadly, security is that one thing that ZOOM fails at. We’ve all heard about its privacy issues when your calls could be easily accessed by random people: not only was that annoying, but also it created a clear threat to your personal and commercial information. While this situation has certainly improved, we do not recommend sharing especially valuable information via ZOOM. A friendly call is okay, but be wary not to trust it too much.

Free And Powerful

Despite having certain security problems, ZOOM remains one of your go-to videoconferencing apps. It features clear video and audio completely for free, and there are also many additional features.

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