Grand Theft Auto V Review

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most impressive and popular action games of the decade that features incredibly realistic graphics, a cinematic story with lots of characters, and great gameplay mechanics.

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Grand Theft Auto V

Graphics and Sound 10/10

About seven years have already passed since the original release of GTA V yet the graphics look just as fresh and realistic. The developers from Rockstar North have managed to create a world that feels alive and can be explored freely. Los Santos looks just like a real city – it’s interesting enough just to walk in streets, looking for sights to see or additional missions to complete. The sound effects are also nice, and the soundtrack is really cool – while radio stations are arguably less entertaining than in some previous installments of the series, they are still fun and suit the game atmosphere.

Controls 10/10

The controls of the PC version are almost perfect. You can walk or drive around, aim and shoot with all kinds of weapons, start and end missions freely, and a combination of a keyboard and mouse is enough to do that with ease. You can also customize your mouse sensitivity and rearrange keys to make GTA V even more convenient for you.

Gameplay 10/10

Grand Theft Auto V features an open world that consists of a large city and its surroundings, including a couple of small towns, a prison, and so on. You can explore all of these locations freely, looking for a new mission or just driving around. Like in the previous games, you can also shoot people or steal cars, but be ready to face cops – and they seem to be much smarter than before. The game also features truly engaging missions, including a main story that feels cinematic and features great voice acting. Overall, Grand Theft Auto V is a great addition to the series that has stayed relevant for almost a decade.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

The game itself features so much content that it may take hundreds of hours to explore just the majority of missions, locations, and other small things. And then there is a whole new world of GTA Online that allows you to join your friends in entirely new adventures around Los Santos. That makes Grand Theft Auto V immensely replayable – actually, you can play it literally for years.

Modern Classic

One of the greatest action games of all times, Grand Theft Auto V features a huge and alive world that’s going to take away hundreds of hours from your life.


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  • I love the game its very good to play when you are bored
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  • I like this i like to play this game gta 5 is så nice
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  • I love playing gta but i broke my controller i love gta becuz its really fun and i love to be a character in gta idk why but its really really cool
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  • It may not be the best GTA version ever, but it definitely has lots of improvements added into graphics and gameplay. GTA V is a spectacular game with its own unique and extraordinary world, worth to spend time in. While the main characters are not the best representatives of humankind they are intriguing and complex
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  • Gta 5 is the only one that can take a look and let me know what you need from us to make sure we can be done with this project in the near future so
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