Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer Review

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer horror game in which you join a group of kids that fight their way into the basement of a scary house – you can help them or make sure they don’t succeed.

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Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer

Graphics and Sound 7/10

Basically, Secret Neighbor’s visuals are a combination of rather advanced graphics and an original style that makes everything look slightly crooked and disfigured. While the overall picture is cartoonish, the special effects and animations are surprisingly good-looking, and the game works relies on lighting and shadows heavily while creating its gloomy atmosphere. The sounds are made to serve that purpose, too: ambient sounds are nice, and the sounds skills and players make are easily recognizable.

Controls 8/10

The overall interface of the game is simple and well-designed. All of its elements are neatly packed into small boxes located at the bottom of your screen. These boxes allow you to check your skills and items with just a glance, making it much easier to concentrate on the gameplay itself. The PC version is quite comfortable to play since your mouse allows you to quickly react on any changes, and you need just a few buttons to successfully fight off the Neighbor.

Gameplay 8/10

The gameplay concept of Secret Neighbor is simple: you join a party of six nosy kids that are trying to find a way into their creepy Neighbor’s house. Every player has his own role and a unique set of skills, so a good portion of the game’s tactical depth comes from combining these skills effectively. But what is exactly interesting about the concept, one player is always the Neighbor in disguise, and his goal is to make sure none of you gets out of the house alive. That means you have to rely on interaction to always keep in touch with others – but don’t trust them too much since each of them can really be your enemy.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

While Secret Neighbor features only one house to explore, it’s really vast and complex so it’s going to take quite some time for you to learn every turn. Moreover, all items get randomly generated at the start of each round, so you can never be sure where to look for basement keys and gear. So the game is quite replayable, and you may expect to spend at least a hundred hours here.

Co-op Thriller

Secret Neighbor combines tactics and mind games to create a great co-op horror game with rather high replay value. So be sure to invite a couple of friends and check it out.


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