DIY Paper Doll Review

DIY Paper Doll is an avatar maker dress-up fashion game that takes us back to the classic paper arts and crafts we all remember.

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DIY Paper Doll

It allows players to customize their dolls with a wide variety of clothing options, accessories, hairstyles, and makeup looks. This doll makeover challenge lets users design their own custom magic princess yoyo doll. So many cute outfits to choose from, like tie-dye dresses & designer brands, shoes, & makeup – DIY Paper Doll offers endless possibilities for creative expression! Players can become the queen of fashion by dressing up their chibi dolls in unique ways and entering unique stories and plots. With this fun app, you can craft your very own avatar-maker masterpiece!

Unleash Your Imagination as an Avatar Maker

DIY Paper Doll is a great way to express yourself while having a lot of fun. As an avatar-maker dress-up fashion game, it gives users complete freedom in how they want their characters to look. It also encourages creativity by providing a wide variety of options for clothing, accessories, hairstyles, makeup looks, and more. The game allows users to customize their characters however they like – from tie-dye dresses & designer doll brands to shoes & makeup – the possibilities are endless!

However, some users have criticized the limited number of items available in the wardrobe section. Also, there are reports that not all hairstyles or clothes fit perfectly on all characters due to size discrepancies between them which makes it difficult to create a truly perfect look for each character. But overall, these issues do not detract from the sheer joy experienced when crafting your own magical princess yoyo doll using this app’s vast selection of clothing items and accessories!

In summary, users have expressed great enthusiasm about playing DIY Paper Doll as it provides hours of entertainment with its creative avatar maker experience where one can express themselves through styling various characters in unique ways using different clothes combinations or trying out new hairstyle experiments! While there may be some minor flaws here and there regarding item sizes or availability – they don’t take away from how rewarding this teen game can be when unlocking one's inner creativity while attempting a doll makeover challenge!


  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-use controls;
  • Fun, creative, and unique fashion design game;
  • Create your own custom magic princess yoyo dolls;
  • Cute tie-dye dresses and designer brands;
  • Interactive stories and plots;
  • Allows for creative expression;


  • No option to customize the characters’ facial features;
  • Gameplay can become repetitive;
  • Clothing and accessories are not realistic;

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