Remote Control for TV Review

Remote Control for TV is a free mobile app for Android, which completely replaces the remote control from your TV. Download this app to use it instead of the remote and control the buttons on your TV, switch channels, and search media.

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Remote Control for TV

With this app, you'll never run out of batteries, and you'll never lose it, as it's always on hand in your smartphone or tablet. 

Design and Usability 6 / 10

The interface of the mobile app Remote Control for TV will not be appreciated due to its simplicity. The developers did not create too bright and eye-catching designs with minimalistic style. In the main menu you need to select the manufacturer and model of your TV, and then go to control mode. The layout of the buttons is convenient and intuitive. You won't have any problems with it. 

Visually, the TV control menu is reminiscent of a classic remote control with the buttons’ traditional layout. Unfortunately, with this application, you won't be able to use your smartphone keyboard to type text in the search box. It is one of the significant disadvantages of usability. 

Key Functions 6 / 10

Developers from Vsray Technology have created a universal TV remote control in the format of a mobile application. Synchronization with the TV is carried out through an IR port. Before using the program, make sure that the infrared port is on your TV. The developers claim that the application supports synchronization with 220,000 devices. But in practice, this number is much smaller. In addition to the manufacturer, you will need to select a specific TV model in the menu. If you are wrong in your choice, there will be no synchronization. There are no new and outdated in the list of device models because not everyone can use the functionality of the application. 

Security 9 / 10

Remote Control for TV is a simple application that does not receive any personal user data. This provides a high level of security when using a mobile program. You don't need to register and login, specify your data, and give the program access to your contact lists, camera, and other information. 

Bottom Line

The mobile application Remote Control for TV is easy to use, but the developers did not completely avoid disadvantages. So there is no guarantee that you will be able to use 100% of the proposed functionality because your TV model is not available for synchronization.

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