Shazam - Discover songs & lyrics in seconds Review

Shazam is a music mobile app that is owned by Apple. You can use it to find any song you want.

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Shazam - Discover songs & lyrics in seconds

All you need to do is bring your phone with the active app to the source of your music, so you can see the name of the song and the artist in a few seconds. With just one click, you can go to Apple Music to buy or preview a selected song. 

Design and Usability 10 / 10

Developers from Apple pay a lot of attention to the details of web design and usability. Much has changed since the application was created. New functions and features have been added, but the menu has not become more complicated or less clear. Pay attention to minimalistic fonts and color contrast. The main part of the menu is blue, white, and dark colors. They combine well with each other, so the information is easy to understand. 

The Shazam application has a simple function that is to define music by sound. So usability is very convenient with just a few keys in the menu. 

Key Functions 9 / 10

You hear a great song somewhere around here, but you don't know its title? Just turn on Shazam and wait a few seconds. You'll see the title of the song and the artist on the screen. Below you'll see a button to go to Apple Music, where you can listen to the track or upload it to your playlist. But developers aren't standing still and are constantly expanding their functionality. Now you can see "The Last Shazams" in the library, and on the search results page there is a section with the text of the found music. In the same section you can see detailed information about the artist with his biography and photo. You will know not only the title of the musical work, but also all the detailed information about the performer. It is convenient, because you can immediately download other songs of the singer to your smartphone. 


Please note that to download songs, you must buy them from iTunes. The Shazam app is completely free, but you can only download music from Apple's official music download service. 

Security 9 / 10

The Shazam application has a high level of information and personal data protection. There is no need to access confidential data during authorization, so there is no risk of program hacking. 

Bottom Line

Apple strives to make its web projects the best in the world, and they do it. At the moment, no analog has the same functionality as Shazam. Perhaps every iPhone owner has this music recognition application. Doesn't it? 

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