SmartThings Review

SmartThings is a mobile app from Samsung Electronics developers designed to control smart home devices.

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Connect smart lights, robotic vacuum cleaners, security systems, TV, CCTV cameras, temperature sensors, climate control and much more in the application. Download the mobile app for Android and iOS for free. 

Design and Usability 10 / 10

The SmartThings app has a minimalist interface in pleasant pastel colors. You will not find sharp and repulsive colors, too large fonts, and other unpleasant elements in the menu. The stylistics of the menu design is in one format. Each section of the menu has a background with a picture of some kind of home decor or device type that is connected to the application. This simplifies usability, as the images duplicate the content of a certain menu page. You won't have any trouble understanding where the buttons are. It's nice to be able to respond quickly to clicks, to have no crashes the whole time, and to have a clear interaction with the functionality. 

Key Functions 8 / 10

Basic functions:

  • Connect and manage smart home devices via Wi-Fi;

  • Changing the operating time of devices, indicating the modes of operation;

  • Monitoring status.

The application is suitable for managing different types of devices, regardless of model and brand. The main thing is that they support the Wi-Fi synchronization function. Please note that Samsung develops SmartThings. The mobile program also works on other smartphones and tablets, but the performance has been tested on Korean brand devices. 

The application allows you to conveniently manage different elements in your home. For example, you can switch all smart devices to sleep mode, control lights, air conditioning, receive temperature alerts in rooms and watch images from video cameras. It all depends on which smart gadgets you connect to SmartThings. 

Security 8 / 10

It is necessary to provide access to certain data and functions for the full operation of the application. But the level of protection of the information in SmartThings is high enough, therefore it is not necessary to worry about the loss of confidential information. It is impossible. 

Bottom Line

The developers from Samsung were able to create a stable SmartThings application for managing smart home gadgets with a beautiful interface. This is probably one of the best, functional, and stable mobile programs for the smart homes. 

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