Dungeons and Dragons: Discover the 7 Greatest Heroes From Across The Realms, Ranked

Dungeons and Dragons, the renowned role-playing game, presents a vast array of intricate and vibrant realms filled with heroes and villains. While the heroes created by the players are central figures in the game, many impressive NPCs showcase their strength, courage, and compassion throughout the realms. These heroes provide inspiration and often come to aid parties in their quests. This article will explore the 7 greatest heroes from across the various realms of Dungeons and Dragons, ranked according to their power, influence, and reputation. Each hero has a unique story, illustrating aspects of strength, virtue, and determination that players can aspire to emulate.

1. Minsc and Boo

Minsc and Boo

Starting the list is the inseparable pair of Minsc, a human ranger, and his miniature giant space hamster companion, Boo. Known for their humorous and light-hearted nature, the duo has become iconic in the Dungeons and Dragons multiverse. Although primarily a source of comic relief, Minsc, and Boo have proven their worth time and again in battle, as well as in their adventures with the Heroes of Baldur's Gate, Ravenloft, and the Nine Hells.

2. Rudolph Van Richten

Rudolph Van Richten, a level 9 cleric, is a legendary vampire hunter on a quest to free Barovia from the clutches of the tyrannical vampire lord, Strahd von Zarovich. One of the few people in Barovia with a soul, Van Richten represents a beacon of light amidst the enveloping darkness. Armed with a vast arsenal of spells, weapons, and knowledge of monsters, this seasoned veteran is not to be underestimated despite his old age.

3. Drizzt Do'Urden

Drizzt Do'Urden

Drizzt Do'Urden, a level 10 drow fighter, is perhaps one of the most iconic and legendary characters in the Forgotten Realms. Hailing from a cruel and matriarchal drow society, Drizzt defied the odds and emerged as a paragon of goodness, overcoming his dark origins and proving that one's background does not define their destiny. Drizzt's storied career has seen him protect the weak and slay evil, earning him a place among the greatest heroes of the realms.

4. Dove Falconhand

Dove Falconhand, a level 14 ranger, is a renowned hero of Faerun. Her impressive resume includes her work as a Harper, a Knights of Myth Drannor, a member of the fabled Seven Sisters, and her pursuit of Drizzt Do'Urden. Dove's heroic life was tragically cut short when she was killed by Vattick Tanthul, but her spirit lived on as part of the Weave and continued to aid her allies even in death.

5. Piergeiron Paladinson

Piergeiron Paladinson, a level 17 paladin, was the Open Lord of Waterdeep before Laeral Silverhand took over. A stalwart defender of justice and goodness, Piergeiron demonstrated that leadership and power could be wielded virtuously. Often underestimated due to his quiet and slow speech, Piergeiron leveraged this perception to his advantage, earning the nickname "Thickskull" as he guided Waterdeep with a steady hand.

6. Laeral Silverhand

Laeral Silverhand

Laeral Silverhand, a level 19 wizard, is not only an adept politician as one of the Lords of Waterdeep but also a formidable spellcaster. As a co-founder and leader of the Moonstars faction, Laeral has faced great adversity and used her experiences to fuel her fight against evil. Known for her skill in creating powerful magical items, Laeral's abilities make her a considerable threat to any foe that crosses her path.

7. Elminster

Topping the list is the legendary wizard Elminster, a level 25 archmage. As the most famous and powerful caster in the realms, Elminster's exploits have spanned centuries and earned him a reputation as the ultimate hero. Not content with mastering just one class, Elminster has dabbled in various roles such as rogue, fighter, cleric, and wizard, making him an incredibly versatile and dangerous adversary.


From human rangers with hamster friends to legendary wizards whose names are renowned throughout the realms, these heroes embody the spirit of courage, hope, and determination that is integral to Dungeons and Dragons. Each of these characters has demonstrated their commitment to protecting the weak and standing against evil, earning their place as some of the greatest heroes across the realms. Players can look to these heroes for inspiration and motivation as they embark on their own adventures in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

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