What is Good in iOS 13 and iPad OS?

Now if you want to benefit from a new operating system released by Apple, you have to learn a lot about it. Only thorough testing will let you get a comprehensive idea of these products. What I can say for sure right now is that it will make your iPhone run faster, operate smarter, and provide more security. You will definitely be amused to find completely new features here including the much expected (by me ;)) dark mode. Now it is easy to block callers which you do not know and do not want to respond to. There are plenty of picture editing tools to make your selfies almost professional portraits, and much more.

Mind that not all devices are compatible with this new product. The developer offers a list of the models which will run iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. But first things first.

All News is Good

Ipad and iPhone picture

Photo App

I’m going to analyze iOS 13 and iPadOS in this article, and as far as I am fond of photography, I would start with a photo editor which is updated with a range of tools. It has a new look, but it’s not that big of a deal. Now you can enhance your videos and pictures easily at the level of real professional designer. In order to arrange the past visual and video files, you are suggested a more interactive approach. New search system is developed with a personal touch. You will navigate easily in the Photos app using a new swipe keyboard. There are plenty of hidden features. Everything is intended to make this product addictive as a game. You will want to enter it and view your pictures or video daily.

Improved Performance

And once again, I cannot slide around this important moment. The developer concentrates on performance every next release. They strain after creating much faster OS providing much wider possibilities. And I suppose they have managed to achieve his goal – this version will speed up your every action on Apple’s mobile device.

Quicker Wi-Fi Network Selection

Usually, in order to connect to Wi-Fi networks, we have to go to Settings and join a network. Now you can forget about it and enjoy doing it just from Control Center. You are able to choose from available variants and connect without making too many moves. 

Dark Mode

ios 13 dark mode

Well, this detail does really matter for me. iOS 13 is designed with Dark Mode meaning that we will get dark notification, backgrounds, and widgets. Everything is in black. At that, all apps within this operating system are colored in a new way against the dark background. I believe that third-party developers will change their designs to comply with this mode.

Customization of Fonts

To tell you the truth, I am no freak as to changing fonts for every single message, but sometimes there is sense in it. Apple does not offer unlimited choice of fonts, but in this release of OS, you are suggested to custom them inside apps. You are allowed to get your own experience beyond the developer’s control. I hope that we’ll have a nice selection of published fonts in the App Store.

New Features for AirPods

I adore wireless Bluetooth earbuds, that is why these innovations are important for me personally. That is a great option – Siri reads messages for you just when you receive them and – ye gods! – you can reply immediately without additional actions like triggering Siri. Then you can share an audio file with a person using AirPods and enjoy the content together. In order to do it, a simple tapping is required.

HomePod Enhancement

HomePod is able to recognize several voices and prepare responses to several users in the form of music, notification, reminding message or simple text. It can play about 100 000 live radio stations from the Internet.

News About Siri

Your personal assistant becomes smarter and runs smoother. It is built into the OS meaning that you are not expected to download it from the store. It can boast plenty of improvements here. You will get a fresh voice system known as “Neural Text to Speech” generating the voice entirely in software, and that provides perfect smooth sounding. As you remember, earlier it combined pieces of sounds to make words that it why pronunciation was not natural. And now the common tasks can be performed automatically.

CarPlay Overhauled

carplay feature

CarPlay is updated to the highest extent here. You will get a new dashboard with a map and buttons you need most to handle it. Now it is so easy to read messages, control music, and do other things without launching a bunch of apps. As to me, I think it is marvelous to see the new design of apps focused on in-car experience. It is much better when the app pops up instead of being shown across the whole screen.

Swipey Keyboard Just Like on Android Devices

Well, I agree that this format is much more convenient, accurate, and faster. I mean swiping keyboards to type a message, for instance. That is why it is a gift for me to find it among updates. Here this option is called QuickPath Typing, which is especially good when you enter the content with one hand. Spelling suggestions do continue.

With Thoughts About Privacy

Sign In with Apple is an option allowing you to create accounts without mentioning your email address, and that is made for our security. From now on the third-party applications will not be able to track us. The product uses a user’s mobile device to authenticate their credentials at the moment of logging in. All that you have to do is to tap to authenticate with Face ID, and no personal information will be required.

There are other options connected with your email address like sharing, hiding or creating a random email for the cases it is needed and it forwards the information to your actual email address without showing it. Apple really cares of its customers providing them with such a brilliant feature as blocking of apps which try to track location of a user from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You will see them and decide whether you agree to grant them access to your location data.

Still in Beta

Summarizing, I can say that we’ll be surprised with those capabilities we’ll get with this release. In addition to serious updates, you can count on such details as new fonts for mails, fresh gallery view for notes, support for shared folders, detailed adjusting of reminders. In camera you will get a Portrait Mode with new lighting effects. You will be allowed to control the intensity of lighting and even its direction. I am crazy about a new look of maps, where there are as many data as I want to have. You can customize Memoji avatars. Now a gap that you can feel using Android device is closed due to perfect security features.

All the above information can be changed to one or another extent, until the app is released officially. But already in beta version, the developer proves it to be a vital improvement of the previous ones. I suppose I will update my post after the final event occurs this fall, but already now you can install iOS 13 on your device and try it yourself. I believe you will agree this is a powerful, easy-to-use operating system perfect for private use.

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