A Set of New Features Is Added to Google Play Books

When Google began selling audiobooks in 2018, this experience was so inconvenient to the Google Play Books users that only a deviant personality would take advantage of it more than once. Now that the company revealed a Google Play Books design update in January, 2019, it’s time for some functionality update. A few months ago this year the company made it up for the users’ previous frustrating experience. Google revealed a Material Theme overhaul for their Play Books Android application.

Being extensively implemented, version 5.1.9 currently comes with a certain number of advanced features in terms of audiobooks. This new functionality involves customizable rewind/advance tweaks as well as updates within the download size and sound quality. You will discover a newly introduced ‘Audiobook playback’ option in the application settings, following ‘Reading’ and preceding ‘Notifications’. In addition to this, you can now make a choice between either standard or high quality. Even though it’s unclear to what extent the file sizes vary, this tweak is nevertheless a lovely present for users with not much free storage space on their devices.

Another really crucial feature within this current release is control over the skip backward/forward amount. Today, you get the possibility to skip five, fifteen, thirty, or sixty secs back or forward. For instance, you can set a 15-secs skip forward, and a 5-secs skip back independently from one another. According to the Google Play Books users, they love the update. However, audiobooks require a lot of storage space. So it would be nice if the app would show the file sizes as well as the total storage capacity.

Another minor change within the Google Play Books app new version is represented by the updated-with-Material-Theme-icons app shortcuts. Version 5.1.9. of the application is now being unwrapped via the Play Store.

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