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You know, I agree with a developer of WhatsApp that it is vital to update the latest version of the application even if you are comfortable with the previous one. The purpose is to benefit from the app to the most and stop suffering from annoying mistakes.

WhatsApp Update 2019

At the current moment, you are suggested to exchange images via WhatsApp. When you send it to your contact, you will see a small icon at the top of the screen containing the contacts’ photo. But it is of such tiny size that you have to guess whether you are not mistaken with the recipient. As a result, we often send our messages to the wrong person, and that is not good (and this is too easy a word). It can be your private or even intimate visual content or something meant for business, and that is why confidential, something that should not be revealed to those who are not concerned.

WhatsApp app screenshots

I am glad to state the obvious: WhatsApp follows the feedback and understands the problem. The updated app will show the name of the recipient at the bottom of the screen in addition to the profile picture. Such a simple detail saves the situation. You will understand exactly who you are sending the image. It will be possible both for individual and group contacts. This update makes sense for Android only because iPhone users have seen the recipient's name with the picture before.

No mistakes any more

All users of Android mobile devices can cheer the moment. From now on, we will not send our images to the wrong contacts and make excuses, being ashamed if there is something too private in that image. This new feature provides stronger control over the content, improving the security of the application. As to me, this is a bright example of the right attitude of a developer to the users’ needs.

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