Epic Games Store Falls Short on Gamepad Support: A Workaround Unveiled

The Epic Games Store (EGS), though a relatively new player in the PC gaming market, has risen as a formidable competitor to Steam, the longstanding giant of the industry. Despite its rapid growth and popularity, the EGS platform has been criticized for its lack of comprehensive controller support, particularly for those not using an Xbox One controller. This shortcoming has prompted players to find alternative solutions.

The Epic Games Store was launched at the end of 2018 and has since attracted a massive user base. Thanks to popular titles like Fortnite, The Outer Worlds, Hitman 3, and upcoming exclusives like Assassin's Creed Mirage and The Wolf Among Us 2, the platform has managed to keep the momentum going. However, the lack of robust controller support has been a glaring issue. EGS does not offer full support for gamepads other than the Xbox One controller. This lack of functionality has resulted in many players seeking workarounds for this issue.

As it turns out, the solution to the problem is somewhat ironic. Many users have found that they can launch their games bought from the Epic Games Store via Steam to use their preferred controllers. As a result, the competitor platform is inadvertently providing the functionality that EGS lacks. 

While the Epic Games Store has made significant strides in the PC gaming market, it is clear that there are still some critical areas where it falls short. Support for a wider range of controllers is a fundamental feature for many players, and its absence on EGS is a significant oversight. Until this issue is addressed, it seems that players will have to continue relying on Steam for their gamepad support needs.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Have you been affected by the lack of controller support on the Epic Games Store? Do you think it's a deal-breaker for the platform? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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