Free Ark Survival Evolved Upgrade Does Not Come Cheap – Fans React in Anger

The news that the developer Studio Wildcard had teased a free upgrade to its six-year-old game Ark: Survival Evolved was met with great excitement when it was announced back in January. However, those dreams were quickly dashed as the studio revealed that players would have to pay $50 for the Unreal Engine 5 version of the game if they wanted it. Understandably, many fans were not happy with this and took to social media platforms to voice their displeasure.

This is a major disappointment for many people involved and interested in this franchise, especially considering how long fans have been waiting for an upgrade like this and all of the promises made by Studio Wildcard about its potential benefits. Compared to other versions of Ark: Survival Evolved, this UE5 version is significantly more expensive, which makes it even harder for some people to justify paying such an amount just for access to official servers.

Many gamers are also pointing out how similar games, such as Minecraft or Rust, are available without any extra costs or upgrades required at all while still being able to provide great experiences on their own terms. This begs the question of why something like the Ark should be treated differently. Furthermore, here too, there are some who argue that such a pricing strategy can create a situation where only a privileged few will be able to enjoy these kinds of experiences while others might simply not be able or willing to pay so much money just once upfront.

On top of everything else, there’s also been criticism directed towards marketing tactics used by developers here as well since they promised something that turned out not to be true – a free upgrade but instead ended up asking players to pay full price again if they want official server support upon launch regardless whether or not they already own other versions (s) of the game itself thus making them feel tricked into buying something twice (or more).


All things considered, one thing seems certain – although Studio Wildcard has every right to set whatever price tag on its product it wants, ultimately decision could prove detrimental fan base's loyalty towards the company's future projects unless explained properly why the UE5 edition needs to cost so much more than regular versions do? In any case, only time will tell what consequences (if any) will arise from what now looks like rather a controversial move starting a new chapter in history “Ark” series.

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