G Suite Mobile Users Meet Gmail Smart Compose

Here comes the AI secretary that writes your Gmail letters for you. It’s been announced in 2018, and now the feature is launched. It’s been available in Gmail web version, and now it comes to mobile devices for those on G Suite.


Not that it wasn’t available before. Its beta was rolled out immediately after the announce in May 2018. In the year that it’s been in use, the service must have collected even more data for machine learning. And it still improves by adding new big data to its base. The final stroke is analyzing your own letters to make your experience really personal and predict the sentences you would have written. So write more letters, and the more of them the system reads, the sooner it will get useful.

While it’s mostly an amusing feature for PC users, on mobiles predictive input can be a real game changer. It uses machine learning, so its suggestions will be based on your own letters and your own style of writing. It’s much more precise than voice recognition, so you won’t have to correct misspelling and punctuation, and it will handle proper names and addresses better.

As you start typing, the suggestions appear to the right from your input, in grey font. To accept the suggestion, you just need to swipe right an see the grey letters turn black. So far, the feature only works in English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. It hasn’t been announced whether it will cover other languages.

To check whether Smart Compose is available in your account, you need to:

1. Launch Gmail app.

2. Go to the Settings section and then tap on your name (or another account you use).

3. Scroll down until you see “Smart Compose” option.

4. Check whether it’s turned on

Then, just to try it, you can start composing a letter (maybe even with no receiver) and start with a common phrase like “Hello! How… ” Smart Compose will automatically suggest “… are you?” Swipe right to see it work.

Smart Compose is already available for regular customers in Gmail app for Android and is about to come to iOS in weeks, but it only will be available for G Suite users. Regular iPhone or iPad users will have to use web version or prefer Android to use Smart Compose.

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