Gallery Go: a New Alternative to Google Photos

Welcome Gallery Go, the lightweight replacement of Google Photos. It weighs 10MB, which is almost nothing and works offline. Your photos have never been so organized.

About Gallery Go

This app is a lifesaver for people in countries with an unreliable internet connection. It does not need to be online to start working. In Gallery Go, you can organize your photos and edit them. It has similar features with Google Photos; for example, it uses machine learning for better organization. Other features include filters and auto-enhance. The main difference is the 10 MB size and offline function.

Lite Versions Dominance

Google is not the first company that decided to extend users’ options by decreasing the weight of the app. Moreover, this is not the first app from Google that was cut for spreading across the world. Countries with developing markets, like Nigeria, where Google has specifically announced Gallery Go, prefer offline apps with minimum weight. Facebook, Twitter, Google have already provided Nigerian users with Lite versions of their apps.

Where to Check the New App?

Gallery Go is available for download on Play Store. You need to have Android 8.1 Oreo or higher to run the app. Have you already tried this app? Share your impressions below.

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