Meet Jumbo: A Revolutionary Privacy App

Social applications have offered its privacy settings to users for years. However, for some reason, even with these subtle or ever-changing privacy options, we invariably feel that we’ve shared more than we’ve planned. Whether it’s a long-forgotten tweet that makes us uncomfortable or a Facebook post we never meant out boss to see, you are not alone in your intention to maintain your sensitive data private.

An innovative smartphone application dubbed Jumbo is here to assist you in locking down your online accounts by easily adapting their privacy tools to your requirements. As of today, the Jumbo app is accessible from iPhones. Currently, it functions with such social apps as Twitter, Facebook, Google and potentially Instagram. Taking into account how Facebook is regularly changing its approach to sensitive user information, Jumbo can adjust up to thirty privacy settings with a single finger tap.

You can choose the most preferred privacy level out of the three available: weak, medium or strong. This lovely privacy helper can assist you in removing up to 3,300 of your previous tweets on Twitter and save them on your smartphone. Also, Jumbo will easily erase your Google search history and Alexa voice recordings in a moment’s notice. Interestingly enough, Jumbo even offers its users to opt for the privacy-oriented DuckDuckGo instead of Google.

jumbo app screenshot

Once Instagram-related features are integrated within the Jumbo system, the privacy assistant will instantly delete your old public pictures and video uploads. As for the Tinder-focused functionality inside Jumbo, it will help you quickly remove your old matches and long-forgotten conversations. Jumbo sounds as a very effective privacy assistant application, doesn’t it? However, there’s always more to things than meets the eye.

Once you begin taking advantage of Jumbo, you will allow third-party companies to access your private content. As you may have read in multiple internet articles, companies with access to Facebook data are oftentimes unsuccessful in adequately securing this sensitive info. According to Jumbo developers, however, the service is designed without the possibility to access user information.

Currently, you can back up and access your deleted-via-Jumbo information. In the near future, however, the service intends to transfer the deleted information to your iCloud and Dropbox. In addition to all this, Android users will soon be able to start using Jumbo. According to the team behind Jumbo, the application will continue to be free of charge for now. Within the next several months, however, some premium features will be introduced for the users who are ready to pay.

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