Niantic Collaborates with Capcom to Launch Monster Hunter Now AR Game

Niantic, the renowned developer of Pokémon Go, has announced its partnership with Capcom for an upcoming release based on the popular Monster Hunter franchise. The new game, titled Monster Hunter Now, aims to incorporate the essence of the series – hunting monsters – into a real-world augmented reality (AR) experience that Niantic is famous for.

The collaboration between Niantic and Capcom promises an innovative gaming experience by merging two vastly different worlds. This partnership opens up new possibilities for both developers as they combine their expertise in creating immersive games with unique mechanics.

Although specific gameplay details for Monster Hunter Now are scarce at the moment, players can anticipate an immersive augmented reality experience that combines Niantic's expertise in location-based gaming with Capcom's signature monster-hunting adventures. The game will likely follow a familiar pattern where players must traverse their real-world surroundings to encounter and hunt monsters from the Monster Hunter universe.

Utilizing a real-world map, gamers can expect to discover various resources and items as they explore their environment. These resources could play a significant role in crafting weapons, armor, or other equipment necessary for successful monster hunting. As players progress through the game, they might be required to face more challenging monsters or participate in cooperative multiplayer events with friends or other players.

Niantic's history of implementing AR technology also suggests that Monster Hunter Now may feature interactive battles between monsters and hunters using one's device camera to overlay virtual creatures onto physical surroundings. This aspect would provide a sense of realism as players engage in thrilling encounters against formidable beasts right within their own neighborhoods.

It remains uncertain whether there will be any integration between Monster Hunter Now and previous games from the franchise. However, fans can hope for some elements of character customization and progression systems similar to those found within traditional Capcom titles.

In summary, while precise gameplay specifics remain undisclosed until the closed beta launch, fans of both Pokémon Go and Monster Hunter franchises can look forward to an innovative fusion of worlds that promises exciting new challenges and engaging experiences within an AR setting on their mobile devices.

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