No Man's Sky Welcomes Epic Space Fantasy with Pirate Freighter Fights and Trench Runs Straight out of Star Wars

Are you bored with the predictable life on freighters in No Man's Sky? This is about to change with the latest free update, Echoes, releasing on 24th August. This update introduces exhilarating freighter-to-freighter battles, Star Wars-like trench runs, a new robot race, and more.

First, let's discuss the freighter battles. Echoes expands the previous system, which allowed small ships to attack friendly freighters. With the new update, players will see situations where merchant fleets are under attack from Dreadnoughts, aggressive pirate freighters, which players have the option to defend and defeat.

This will be done in a classic video game style by attacking the enemies' weak spots. Players will have to navigate through small corridors on the opponents' hull and target the red blinking systems. The combat HUD overhaul now helpfully shows the hull integrity of large vessels.

Away from freighters, the update also introduces the Autophage, the first new race in No Man's Sky since its launch in 2016. Described as a "long-hidden race of robots", the Autophage will join the existing races - Korvax, Gek, and Vy'keen - offering new story content and mechanics. Players can undertake assignments and rituals to earn an array of mechanical parts for creating their own robotic avatar.

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