Uber Integrates Eats Service into the Core App


Eat. Drive. Ride. These three components of Uber aren’t too far from each other, but still, Uber Eats, a food delivery service, has its own dedicated app, separated like taxi drivers and clients. Anyway, it seems that Uber doubts this manner. So in the select market, the core Uber app has a new section for ordering foods.

Of course, the reasons may differ, but they all lead to integration. Say, it tempts its taxi clients to try food delivery or vice versa. If you already have the Uber app on your phone, why use another for a taxi? Still, this measure won’t make you remove your dedicated Eats app, first of all, because the button for reaching Eats is hidden in the right upper corner, so you’re not sure to notice it at once.

The button open, in fact, a web browser that loads the web version of Uber Eats order form. This experience may be better or worse than the original Eats app, and the difference shows. But the app loads your data (address, name, phone, and card number) automatically, so you don’t have to re-enter it all to order your pizza or seafood. This convenience can tickle your curiosity, and maybe you’ll find this delivery affordable and convenient.

As Uber spokespersons say, this experiment is meant to explore whether Uber users will react to this integration and whether it will increase food ordering or foster Uber taxi services. Both are probable, but only time will show.

What’s Next?

Uber really needs bold experiments now. The company showed a loss of about 1.8 billion last year, and it needs to find another trick to earn more. Food delivery under a recognizable brand is a chance, and the app will advertise it, even more, when the update rolls around the globe. Probably this is the experiment mentioned by Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber, in May 2019.

Does it mean that a standalone Uber Eats app will be eaten? Maybe not, at least right now. On the other hand, we can see it receive the same mini-browser that opens a form for ordering a taxi. It would be quite logical: if the tunnel builders don’t meet halfway, we’ll have two tunnels. It would be a good solution to embrace both Eats and Drive users. Well, it may have a pizza-like steering wheel as a logo.

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