WhatsApp Business Service Launches on iOS

WhatsApp has recently rolled out its exclusively business-oriented ‘cousin’ dubbed WhatsApp Business which is now available for everyone on iPhone. This individual brother-variation of the messenger was created to assist businesses in establishing and maintaining connection with their client base. Aside from the possibility to message clients directly, the business-friendly version of WhatsApp boasts extra functionality catering exclusively to companies.

These business-friendly features are as follows:

  • away from the desk messages;

  • greeting messages;

  • the possibility to list company details e.g. opening hours, exact location and contact info.

You are now free to load and enjoy the WhatsApp Business app to the fullest extent anytime, because it’s absolutely free. This application used to be reachable for Android enthusiasts only. Today, iPhone fans can also take advantage of its wonderful functionality. These days, WhatsApp Business for iPhone can be obtained from the App Store in the United Kingdom, United States, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and India. The number of nations where the application is supported will go on increasing.

By utilizing WhatsApp Business, you are granted the possibility to open a business account, let your customers in on each and every detail of your business e.g. phone number, website, store location. Needless to say that messaging customers is also possible when you use WhatsApp Business.

Another product WhatsApp offers for companies is the WhatsApp Business API. It was created for mightier businesses to initiate contact with their clients to send notifications such as receipts or boarding passes. Unlike WhatsApp Business, this one is not 100% free. Companies are charged fees for sending notifications and for delaying responses to helpline inquiries more than 24 hrs after they’ve been received. So, WhatsApp Business API is important because it is highly monetized. According to Facebook (which owns WhatsApp), since its rollout in winter 2018, 5 M companies across the globe have downloaded WhatsApp Business.

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