YouTube Music Adds Feature to View Song Credits and Album Information

YouTube Music has continued to make improvements to its platform to provide the best user experience to its 80 million global users. The latest update has been the introduction of the feature to view song credits and album information. Now, users can gain detailed insights into the performers, lyricists, and producers of the songs and albums. 

The feature is currently rolling out for users, and it is being done in a quiet manner. This will help to make YouTube Music more competitive with its rivals like Spotify on a global level. As reported, the song credits and album information will be available on the YouTube Music player interface. This will give users a better understanding of the song they are listening to and who was involved in its production. 

The new feature is sure to be welcomed by music fans as it provides an enhanced user experience. YouTube Music is now making it easier to get a complete understanding of the songs they are playing, as well as the artists and producers behind the music. 

YouTube Music continues to improve its platform to provide a better user experience. This latest update is a great addition to the platform and will help to make it more competitive with other streaming services. If you're a YouTube Music user, make sure to check out the feature to get more information about the songs you listen to. Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts on this new feature.

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