Best Antivirus for iPhone: Why Have, Why These?

One of the reasons some buy iPhones is its protected OS. Fully controlled by the vendor, it protects you from malware and suspicious apps (at least in theory). So there’s a common position that iPhone requires no antivirus. But the developers produce more and more security suites, and they have their reasons.

Though it’s really impossible for a third-party app to hack your iPhone (unless it’s jailbroken), there are other threats that iOS cannot completely block. The list includes phishing, data scanning via insecure Wi-Fi, leaks from stolen iPhones, and other unwanted interference with your data. So an antivirus is really a good idea. Here are some worthy ones.

Norton Security

Norton security app screenshot

All the way with Norton! Since the 1980s and until now Norton makes great utilities for protecting and keeping clean your devices, and now its security suite is available for iPhones and iPads. It keeps its registry of phishing sites and assumed malware, and has tools for checking Wi-Fi networks, available updates of your iOS and apps, and mail and messages you receive.

The only weakness of Norton Security for iOS is that is doesn’t offer a free version with limited features. On the other hand, you can register for a 30-day free trial, and then continue your yearly subscription for $14.99.


avast security app itunes screenshot

Along with all the features that Norton Security has, Avast offers something exclusive. For example, it tracks popular hacker stores and checks whether your passwords leak out. If any of them is found, it recommends you to change it immediately. It also provides a safe place for storing your photos.

In Pro version, Avast also offers you safe browsing mode, with its own mechanisms of detecting phishing sites. It’s also more expensive than Norton: $19.99/yr.


McAfee security app itunes screenshot

This security suite also features anti-phishing control, malware protection, link scanning in your messaging, and also some enhanced safety measures. For example, it also creates a photo vault in your device’s memory, so, even if the PIN code is hacked, the villains won’t enter your secret gallery.

And what about killing ads in apps? Advanced antitheft? Accessing sites blocked for your country? Having a cloud backup for your most important data? All yours, but it’s $79/yr. Maybe your security is worth this, but the basic version is free at all.


bit defender security app itunes screenshot

The tricks BitDefender has in its sleeve include also anonymous web browsing, a built-in VPN, checking your data leaks, and the default protection all security suites offer now. Its VPN services are $39.99/yr, and its decent VPN is the main reason why you should also consider this service.


avira security app itunes screenshot

It’s an all-round security suite, warning you about any suspicious event. If the site you’re visiting looks like a phishing mimicker, or an app tries to steal your data, or links in your mail lead to listed sites, Avira will warn and protect you. It also checks your data leaks, creates a vault for your most private data, and analyzes your device condition. And the most attractive about Avira is its pricing: just $1.49/yr.

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