Top Shazam Alternatives for Android, iOS And PC

Heard an amazing song on the radio or at a club but can’t seem to remember the name or the lyrics, so that you can find the song? Well, chances are, you’ve used Shazam to identify the song. While there are a number of ways through which you can identify songs, Shazam has to be the most popular solution. 

Although Shazam is definitely a great music-identifying app, it has its fair share of problems. Firstly, users have complained about bloatware on the app and there are times when it fails to identify a song or brings a wrong result. Also, there have been various complains about it being slow on occasions. 

So, if you are looking for a change of database or simply a different and more simple app to use, here are our top 6 Shazam alternative apps that can give it a run for its money.


SoundHound application screenshots

The first alternative to Shazam is SoundHound, this application was first known as Midomi until December 2009. This application allows you to identify music by humming, singing or playing a recorded track.

You can download this application for Android and smartphone from the Google play store and iTunes app store.

This application also allows you to identify music by speaking or typing the name of the artist or song. A feature called LiveLyrics displays a song’s lyrics in time with the music, if they are available. Double-tapping on those lyrics moves the music to that point in the song.


MusicID application screenshots

MusicID, one of the best music identification apps that on its best day can put even Shazam to shame. The identification of songs is fast and all you have to do is tap on the microphone button in the app to get it started.

Once identified, the app will provide you with complete details of the song and also YouTube videos and similar songs. You can purchase the song from the app itself through Amazon and share song information with friends.. It has a clutter-free interface and just about the perfect combination of options available for the user, neither too much nor too less.


MusiXmatch application screenshots

Our next alternative for Shazam is MusiXmatch, that is a mobile phone app that contains a searchable database of more than 6 mln lyrics in more than 28 languages. It scans all the songs in your music library on your smartphone and finds lyrics for all tracks.

This application was founded by Massimo Ciociola and a group of co-founders on 21st Jan 2010.

Sound Search

Sound Search is a Google offering for music identification, which is a simple widget and not a full-fledged app. It is just under 700 kb in size and is perfect for anyone who is looking for a no-nonsense music identifier.

To identify a song simply tap on the play button on the widget and it will start the recognizing process. The name of the song and the artist will be displayed on the widget itself.

Unlike the yesteryears, music identification apps like Shazam are just about as vital as decent music players. The ability to identify any song that you have heard has become very easy and this has allowed people to discover some great music. Shazam is and will continue to be one of the best apps in this category but all of our above-mentioned apps can provide good competition and in some cases, even surpass it. The features in addition to music identification are not to be ignored, as it is fun to know the name of the song but, it is even better having the lyrics, video, biography and much more, simply one tap away.

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