Hello Neighbor Review

Hello Neighbor is an original stealth game with horror elements. You get to play as a nosy kid trying to get into his creepy Neighbor’s basement without getting caught.

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Hello Neighbor

Graphics and Sound 7/10

The visual style of this game is a combination of realistic and surrealistic elements. While the Neighbor and his house look quite normal, almost every object has some quirky details or slight disproportions to make your surroundings feel strange and unnerving. However, the graphics are decent, and animations are smooth and stylish. The sounds are also nice, but the soundtrack is somewhat bland and forgettable.

Controls 7/10

When it comes to controls, this mobile version is not that different from the PC game. Moving your kid around is quite easy, and you can react quickly to being noticed by the Neighbor by hiding under a bed or inside a wardrobe. Aiming and throwing things at the Neighbor is a bit harder – but if you have to do that, you’re clearly playing it wrong since it’s a stealth game, after all.

Gameplay 6/10

The gameplay concept is quite original for a stealth game: you play as a kid that tries to find out what is hidden in his creepy Neighbor’s basement. That means you have to break into his house, avoid traps or the Neighbor himself, and find a way into the basement. The developers claim that you play against an advanced AI that remembers your actions and makes every attempt unique – but this feature is not that impressive. The puzzles are complicated and completely illogical to the point of being frustrating – and the game has an inverted learning curve. That means each chapter gets easier to beat, not harder. There are many other things that clearly need some more work.

Lasting Appeal 5/10

Hello Neighbor is a lot of fun, but that fun doesn’t seem to last. The advanced AI poses some threat, but it’s not enough to really make every next playthrough different – after all, you just run around the same old house. The puzzles are frustrating, and once you’ve figured them out (or found the solution online, which is more probable), there’s nothing new about them. All in all, you won’t be eager about playing the game all over again, so the lasting appeal is quite low.

Experimental Horror

Hello Neighbor features an original gameplay concept with interesting stealth mechanics – but it really could use some more work on its puzzles and physics engine.


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