Move to iOS Review

Move to iOS is a free mobile app that makes it easy to move from Android devices to iOS smartphones or tablets. It was developed to make it easier for iPhone and iPad buyers to transfer all information from their Android gadgets.

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Move to iOS


Design and Usability 6 / 10

The web design of the Move to iOS application can hardly be called attractive. Developers have not paid attention to the visual design of the menu. The functionality management is placed on one menu page with white background and black inscriptions. There are no separate buttons, animations and other design elements here. But the main thing is that this kind of web design simplifies management. Users can easily understand the purpose of each button in the menu. 

Key Functions 6 / 10

The main function of Move to iOS is to save all important data on your Android device and copy it to your iPhone or iPad. Without this app, copying all the information to another operating system seems complicated and time-consuming. Previously, you had to manually save all your contacts to SIM, and sometimes you couldn't do it at all. With the Move to iOS app, copying all data from an Android device takes only a few minutes. With one touch of a button on the touch screen, you can copy all your contacts with names and phone numbers, messages, Google authorization data, browser bookmarks, photos, videos and more. 

The process of copying data takes some time. First you need to activate your iOS device and then connect to your Android device via an automatically created private Wi-Fi network. Follow the instructions to complete this procedure as quickly as possible. Some users have difficulty at this stage. So the app is rated below 4 on Play Market. According to users, Move to iOS is not optimized for Android devices, so there are still errors and crashes in the application. 

Security 8 / 10

You can be sure that the data being copied will not reach any third parties. All information is well encrypted during the transfer from one gadget to another. To successfully copy data, you will need to provide appropriate camera, file and contact list permissions for the Move to iOS application. 


Move to iOS is a very useful application for those who want to change their Android smartphone or tablet to a new iOS gadget. But the developers haven't optimized the program well enough, so there can be failures and errors when using it. 

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