Amazon Fire TV Review

Amazon Fire TV Remote App is a mobile application that is designed to control the eponymous set-top box from Amazon. You no longer need to use a special remote control that is constantly lost in your home.

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Amazon Fire TV

The developers of Amazon Mobile LLC paid a lot of attention to the functionality and clear interface. 

Design and Usability 8 / 10

The interface of Amazon Fire TV Remote App seems too simple at first sight, but do not underestimate the functionality of this mobile program. Web designers have simplified navigation and made all menu sections intuitive. There are only three buttons available at the bottom of the screen to go "Home", return and select functions. In Remote Control mode, the buttons are large, so it's easy to press them at any display size. The usability is also clear in the content view mode. Right from the menu, you can go to the search mode to select a TV program or turn on your favorite show. 

Key Functions 8 / 10

If you have an Amazon Fire TV set-top box, you need this handy mobile app. You can use it to perform voice searches, control your set-top box via a virtual remote control, and enter text into your search using the keyboard on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the application provides quick access to games and applications that are installed on Fire TV. It is much more convenient to manage the functionality and content via your mobile device than via remote control. 

You no longer have to type long search sentences manually. All you have to do is use the voice search in the application. With Amazon Fire TV Remote App, you can control playback, pause, and rewind video.

The developers have made sure that the application works steadily with Fire TV, regardless of the version. More than 200,000 users have already appreciated the functionality of this mobile program. 

Security 10 / 10

Amazon Fire TV Remote App has a high level of protection for personal user data. There have been no cases of users' confidential information being lost or stolen by third parties. 


Are you tired of constantly looking for a remote from Fire TV around the house and long to enter text in the search box? Forget about regular remotes with Amazon Fire TV Remote App. It's a handy app with quick access to voice search, media playback control, text input directly from your smartphone or tablet, and more. 

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