Join Webring HereWhat's ringsaround.net?

It's a domain that hosts the homepages of various webrings.

What's a webring?

A webring is a community of pages with related content, organized into a virtual ring. Each page in a ring has links which let visitors move to an adjacent site on the ring, summon a ring index, or hop to a random site. Webrings let web visitors quickly and reliably find sites with related subjects.

What webring homepages are hosted here?

  • blogs by women - women webloggers (closed to new submissions, see below)
  • WomenBloggers - the "second generation" of the blogs by women ring
  • BelleBlogs - women's blogs that show an above average sense of style and content
  • Perfume Lovers - a webring by and for lovers of scents, colognes, fragrances, scented oils, aromatherapy, and perfume
  • A Ring of Elizabeths - a ring of web pages belonging to people with the name Elizabeth (first or middle name, and variant spellings welcome)
  • Wedding Albums - personal wedding sites
  • Personal Wedding Pages - just what it sounds like
  • Art for Adults - online sites displaying tasteful erotic art
  • PinUp - dedicated to pin-up art and retro glamour of the past and present
  • Sophia! - A webring devoted to spiritual wisdom (SofĂ­a)
  • Spirit - exploring and celebrating the essential teaching of all the great religions - awareness of who we really are
  • More to come...

Who owns/manages these webrings?

That depends on the ring. Most have a single manager, but some have multiple managers/owners. You can check the homepage of the ring for details if you really need/want to know.

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